Hiking Sticks


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This photo (wood type: sasskatoon) is a good example of how our custom hiking sticks will come.

Sticks are harvested naturally and take at least a year to dry out. A liberal coating of a penetrating wood stabilizer / sealant (bio-based resin) is applied to all sticks.  Finally, all custom sticks come with a generous amount of cordage that’s fashioned into a lanyard.  These cords are 100% diamond-braid polyester, so they don’t stretch, don’t absorb water and they’re UV resistant. Feel free to untie and use however you wish!

When ordering a hiking stick, please specify preferred wood type (and bark preference), diameter, and length.   We will try to accommodate as close as possible.  If there are large discrepancies, we will contact you to discuss.

Wood Types:

  • Sasskatoon – no bark
  • Hickory – bark or no bark
    • Bark Finish = a beautiful course texture that’s slightly smoothed, but easy for the hand to grip
    • No Outer Bark Finish = smoother than the bark finish. Fashioned for a better grip using a technique employed by Japanese sheath makers, where substances are mixed-in with the lacquer to give it a more textured surface.

Preferred Diameters (We will accommodate as close as possible. Please note these are approx…. mother nature doesn’t calibrate her sizes!:

  • Smaller – Closer to 1 inch
  • Larger – Closer to 2 inch


  • Short – Approx. 3 ft
  • Long – Approx. 4 ft

Additional information

Weight 33 oz
Dimensions 48 × 2 × 2 in

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