SP9 – 9 inch

Product Specifications

  • Name: SP9
  • Design: Spearpoint Utility Blade
  • Materials: 80CRV2
  • Overall Length: 16”
  • Cutting Edge Length: 9”
  • Thickness: .25”
  • Sheath: Poplar Wood


Our custom convex blades are made using a “slack-belt” “free-hand” technique.  Each blade back/spine has a 90 degree edge specifically designed for scraping and shaving materials, saving your keen edge for more appropriate tasks.  Our handles are full-tang, sealed with bio-resin coating and covered with a cotton/resin wrap, then wrapped with a heavy duty cord.  Lastly, our wraps are soaked with a marine grade epoxy/resin.  This seal prevents moisture from getting underneath the wrapping while maintaining the non-slip grip that wrapped handles are known for.

All SP9s will be shipped with an handcrafted Japanese-inspired knife box made by us.   We make our handcrafted boxes from as much reclaimed wood as we can acquire.